Saturday, 2 July 2011

More Look

Mario & Miebi in GOODFELLAS, photographed by Bona Soetirto

For The Meticulous & Detail Oriented

The Awesome L(B)ook

Photography Bona Soetirto
Illustration Angela Judiyanto
Talents Miebi & Mario
Shoes Zevin

Au Debut

GOODFELLAS is the brainchild of two extraordinaire young men. Eddy (Creative Director/Owner/Designer) with a background in theatre directing and theme park design.  Kae (Creative Director/Designer), is a young product designer slash artist who also had experience in magazine, interior design and bag manufacturing industry.

Miebi & Mario in GOODFELLAS, photographed by Bona Soetirto

The name GOODFELLAS itself already represent that this label is meant for guys. And not only that, it also defines the whole line. You are a man. You don’t have to be afraid to dress up and looking good. With a playful touch of design, such as the use of mixed fabrics, dual tone concept, and a more warm and colorful materials with unique cutting and fine stitch works. As seen in the lookbook, unleash your inner desire!

Miebi & Mario in GOODFELLAS, photographed by Bona Soetirto

With one of a kind pop-up sales system, or as they like to call it “once in a blue moon”. GOODFELLAS can come up with new collections anytime they want, without seasons, predictions or whatsoever. So make you sure you get your hands on them soon as they’re available. Capische?